Deuce & Phoebe
F1 Goldendoodles
Pet price (pet): $1800
This will be Phoebe's first litter.
Waiting List:

First Pick : open

Second Pick :  open

Third pick: open



Deuce is a is a 65# golden retriever GR-PRA1 "clear", GR-PRA2 "clear",  MD "clear", prcd-PRA "clear". She has OFA Hips preliminary "good". Phoebe is a standard poodle with his pennhip and is clear for genetic testing including DM  GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2 , ICH , MD , prcd-PRA , and MD13.  These puppies will not be affected by genetic diseases. We expect some fantastic puppies out of this pairing. They should be low shedding with fantastic "golden" personalities. Puppies should mature around 55-65# with this pairing. This is a first time pairing between these two. 

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