When people describe their doodles you will hear them say something like, "my girl is an F1" or "we have a little F1B doodle, too!"



This is all about the genetics and breeding of the goldendoodle. The most common generation statements you will hear about is the F1, F1B, F2, F3, and multigen





F1 stands for the First Generation. At this point and time, this seems to be one of the most common generations of Goldendoodle (along with an F1B-mentioned below). This is the breeding of a pure golden retriever with a pure poodle. Genetically these will be 50% poodle and 50% retriever. This is such a popular generation because the puppies tend to have all the characteristics of their parent's breeds, making them fantastic companions.


First generation doodles tend to have shaggy or wavy coats but can sometimes have curly coats. This generation will often shed slightly or moderately. Colorwise, there won't be a ton of variation. 



Another one of the most common generations of a Goldendoodle is the F1B. Any breeding with a 'B' in it means that it was bred back to a pure poodle (or retriever).


F1B is where an F1 doodle is bred back to a pure poodle (rarely a retriever). This breeding results in a Goldendoodle that is 25% retriever and 75% poodle. 


If bred right (with genetic testing for the coat), this generation can be one of the best for people with allergies. The F1B tends to have a long or short wavy coat and curly coats. Colorwise, these tend to have the most variation. 



F2  refers to second generation doodles. These are the offspring of two F1 parents. They are equal poodle and equal retriever. They usually have similar characteristics to the F1 retriever when it comes to coat and colors. They may shed lightly.  


F3 or Multigeneration

This generation is less common, but can be anything bred to an F3 or above. Depending on the coat type, this generation is the closest thing to making the breed a recognized breed of its own. They are generally non-shedding so work well with people who have allergies. 







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