Recommended Purchases


The following items are things we either have in our house or things that past puppy buyers have recommended for future puppy buyers!  

We recommend you have these before or close to when your puppy comes home. Please click on the name to go to the link to purchase.


I recommend the following because they are US made with NO RECALLS.

Treats (great for training rewards) 

I recommend the following because they are US made with NO RECALLS.




  • Buffalo Bully Sticks

  • Buffalo Lungs

  • Chew toys by PawTree (many products available for chewing)

  • *We recommend seeing your local butcher for fresh bones or a local store for wild game antlers for chewing

  • Please avoid rawhide and store bought chews that contain chemicals and dyes

Flea/Tick Treatment  

  • Flea Tick Spray

  • Please, be cautious purchasing drops and collars which are full of chemicals and have a history of causing negative reactions. Personally, we bathe our dogs and spray them with the above spray rather than introducing a chemical.

Worm/ Parasite Treatment 

  • Pyrantel Pamoate® (Pinworm, Hookworms and Roundworms) 

  • Safeguard® Suspension 10% Fenbendazole (broad spectrum of stomach and intestinal worms)

  • Please consult with your vet regarding parasite treatment


Ear Care 

Dental Care  




Joint Care


Potty Training

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