This line of products was formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM. She has been a holistic vet for over 20 years. She has served as President of the American Veterinarian Association of New York City, earned three Presidential Citations, appointed by Mayor Rudolph Guliano to help establish one of the largest animal shelters in the world, the author of three books on responsible care and treatment of pets, and has appeared on 48 Hours, Good Morning America, CNN, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and more. She has also created a non-profit foundation where a percent of her product line is contributed toward rescue and care for pets.

After so much research, this company has done nothing but impress me. I see so many recalls on other dog brands, and it is absolutely scary. To think something might happen to one of my fuzzy family members. Not only has Life's Abundance never had a recall, but they ship it out soon after it is made which makes it one of the freshest dog foods out there.

While this dog food “seems” more expensive up front, the cost is about $1.88 a day for a 70 pound adult dog. Americans spend more than that on their Starbuck's coffee every morning!!! You feed less dog food, but they receive more nutrition! They are able to digest and utilize the dog food more. And you are ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet when you feed them quality nutrition! Isn't your precious puppy worth it?


Nutrition in a dog is one of the most important factors as they grow up. It affects every part of their body. A good diet can ensure you're puppy will live a long healthy life!


I am often asked, “What should I feed my puppy? What do you recommend?” For many years I was not exactly sure what to recommend for my puppy owners. I put a ton of research into different dog foods but never knew where to start.  We had been feeding Diamon Naturals Dog Food but then we were introduced to Life’s Abundance Dog Food. After trying it we were so impressed! The high quality and standards that Life's Abundance has made us switch. We decided to switch to Life’s Abundance Nutritional System  and feed the All Stages Formula . Our mission at Wyoming Red Prairie is to improve the quality of the breed. We wish to offer our customers beautiful, healthy, and sweet-tempered puppies that they can enjoy for years to come.



This line of products was formulated by Roger Morgan, a long-time CEO in the pet food industry. 


His goals are the following:

- A better way to care for our pets with premium quality foods, treats, and supplements made with only the finest ingredients. 

-A better way to share solutions catered to the unique needs of our pets to help pet parents make more informed decisions.

-A better way to help people live a life filled with purpose, all while making a difference in the lives of pets and people.

Knowing that his entire career had prepared him for this exact challenge, he set out on a journey to discover exactly that.

Determined to find a way to reciprocate the love that our pets give us unconditionally each day, he partnered with a team of top veterinarians and a PhD in Animal Science and Pet Nutrition and the result was pawTree, a social selling company dedicated to creating a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive. A company devoted to creating phenomenal products for healthier pets, happier hearts and homes.

Aligning our efforts where our strengths and abilities can make the greatest impact, we're proud to have formed a strategic partnership with Smoky Mountain Service Dogs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their mission is to enhance the physical and psychological quality of life for wounded Veterans by providing custom trained mobility assistance service dogs at no cost to the Veteran.

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